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Steam trap management tools

The request for energy conservation makes it more and more necessary to survey steam trap regularly to prevent huge energy losses.

MIYAWAKI's testing equipment, especially the computerized steam trap Management System "Dr. Trap" PM 301 and "Dr. Trap Jr." PM 15 consisting of the steam trap checker PM 11 and its software SurveyProLight PM 150 help you to increase the efficiency of your steam system substantially.

Our survey equipments:

*Dr. Trap Jr. PM 15

1. PM 11 Steam Trap Ultrasonic Checker
for measuring the vibration and temperature of each trap.
The checker displays vibration and temperature at the same time;
One-key operation for all functions;
Long battery life - 40 hours or more of continuous use. Automatical shuts off the
power after 5 minutes of idle time;
As additional function the checker includes a stop watch. Useful for monitoring the
periodic characteristics of vibrations;
The checker estimates and displays the saturated steam pressure corresponding to
the temperature measured.Useful for testing not only steam traps, but also steam
valves and pipes;
Compact, light weight and easy to carry.

2. Software SurveyPro Light PM 150
for evaluating steam leaks and calculating steam loss and the monetary loss
immediately after entering the vibration values for each trap into the software.
The software displays a defective trap list, an analysis summary and related graphs.
It will also display a history graph, including past survey results, so that the effects
of periodic surveys can be seen quickly.

*Dr. Trap PM 301
The unit consisting of:

Processor PM310
Detector PM321

Dr.Trap PM330

Special Features
High Speed Diagnosis. Each steam trap can be surveyed in not more than 10 seconds. A normal trap without any leaks can be tested in only 4 seconds. Out of service traps are always indentified in 4 seconds.

Small And Lightweight.
The total weight of processor and detector is only 550 g (1,21 lb).

Usable For High Temperature Applications.
Dr.Trap can be used to test any steam trap at a wide range of pressures and at temperatures up to 500 °C (932 °F).

Dr.Trap combines long years of steam trap testing know-how with new computer technology. Steam Traps can be tested quickly and easy. Test results will be collected and analyzed automatically and can be displayed and stored in a computer. Test results can be reviewed and compared over many years in order to allow a well-organized and easy-to-handle steam trap management system.

Ample Storage.
The results of 1,000 steam trap checks can be stored in the memory of the processor.

Extended Battery Life.
A single battery charge allows 12 hours of continuous operation. There is no need to recharge the battery in the middle of the day.

High-Speed Automatic Analysis.
The Dr.Trap Software provides an automatic analysis and high-speed sorting of the data collected.