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World Leader
Vulcan is the World’s leading manufacturer and supplier of standard Mechanical Seals, Encapsulated ‘O’-Rings, Gland Packing and Expanded PTFE sealing products. Partnering with Vulcan means you are aligning your operations with the best in the business. All products are fabricated in England.

Widest Product Range - Anywhere
Vulcan have the widest range of standard and OEM mechanical seals available from any supplier globally. With new designs being developed on a continuous basis, no other supplier can match Vulcan for the range of applications on offer.

Stock Guarantee
Vulcan is the only Standard Mechanical Seal provider to have a Stock Guarantee. This covers over 100,000 product lines and is supported by an electronically assured same day dispatch system, providing a total service guarantee, keeping customers happy.

Worldwide Presence
Vulcan have manufacturing & service centers located across Europe, Asia and America. Operating across a wide range of time zones assures you of exceptional service no matter what time of day or where you are in the world.

Many Years of Exceptional Service
Founded in 1987, Vulcan have achieved 20+% p.a. compound growth for almost 30 years. With an industry leading range of products, an unparalleled approach to service and competitive pricing, Vulcan continually exceed customer expectations, time after time.

24/7 Availability, 365 Days a Year
Vulcan’s customer Web Portal, unique in the industry, is available 24 hours a day to all our worldwide partners. Detailed product specifications, inventory levels, net prices and logistics information are all available online. This ground-breaking application provides full transparency and insight into our systems.

Ethical Approach
Everything about Vulcan reflects how we beliveve business should be done. Our company is built on a foundation of sound business ethics that ensure all our dealings are carried out with integrity in a fair and proper manner. Working with Vulcan, at any point in the supply chain, is a true partnership built on mutual trust