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MIYAWAKI opened its doors in 1933 and began designing effective steam trap for industrial use. In 1949, after extensive experiments and tests, MIYAWAKI developed an entirely new type of steam trap, with a "Duplex"-type valve, a double-ported valve operating by the pressure differential to increase discharging capacity. In the following years, the design was further refined and sales soared to the point where by 1953, MIYAWAKI Steam Trap Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was able to incorporate. Along with the development and sales of products other than steam trap, the name has changed to MIYAWAKI Inc. in April 1986.

To emphasize the growing international activities of MIYAWAKI Inc., the subsidiary company MIYAWAKI GmbH was established in Germany in June 1991. In the 1990s, the network of sales representatives around the world was enlarged considerably. PT. Unitechnindo Perkasa was chosen as Miyawaki Indonesia representave in 1992, until now.

MIYAWAKI is operating today on a worldwide scale with offices situated not only in Japan, but also in South East Asia, Europe and America.

MIYAWAKI manufactures a wide range of steam traps and other valves used in many industrial areas.

Since 1933, MIYAWAKI has committed itself to a policy of uncompromising quality, performance and challenges to energy conservation. Research and development have a high priority at MIYAWAKI. To meet industry's demands and to ensure quality, MIYAWAKI invests heavily in the best personnel, facilities, manufacturing techniques and quality control systems available today. This policy of "Technology First" has resulted in major advances in steam trap design and operation.

MIYAWAKI has registered more than 200 patents in Japan and overseas. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 and according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC of the EC.

Please check website MIYAWAKI : http://www.miyawaki.net/